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The Role of Hyperbaric Oxygenation in Treatment of Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction

N. Epifanova, M. Romasenko, A. Koukehina, I. Epifanov. Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine, Dept. Psychosomatic Disorders, Moscow European Neuropsychopharmacology, Volume 8, Issue null, Pages S282-S283

Summary: Long-term alcohol abuse and drug addiction are associated with homeostasis impairments and the development of a toxic encephalopathy and somatic pathology. In these conditions the treatments of a disease may be difficult due to restricting psychopharmacological agents. We have been investigated experimentally on toxic brain edema model with light mycroscopy, that hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) activates the rlrybonucleoproteids syntesis in the neurons, increasis in the proliferative filial reactions and thus improves the cerebral methabolism. In this connection, it is necessary to undertake a complex treatment aimed at correction of metabolism, improvement of CNS and visceral organ condition.

The use of HBO posing detoxication, antihypoxic and metabolic effects in complex treatment of alcohol abuse and drug addiction is justified from the point of pathogenesis and allows to improve the outcomes. Thus, H130 may be used as a method of a methabolic brain protect.

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