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Regimens of Hyperbaric Oxygenations, Patients’ Preparation for Treatment and Psychopathological Dynamics

Dr. A.A. Churkin Chief Psychiatrist, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Summary: This paper contains a description of the process of hyperbaric oxygenation and discussion on the positive effects of HBOT in treating:

  • Asthenia symptoms in neuroses and neurological disorders.
  • Senesthopathic disorders of vascular, intoxication, infectious and traumatic genesis.
  • Sexual dysfunction.
  • Pathological symptoms of vegetative nervous system.
  • Hypoxia.
  • Cerebral sclerosis and organic asthenia syndrome.
  • Hypothymia and dystimia disorders.
  • Some types of depression.
  • Anorexia nervosa symptoms.
  • Psycho-organic syndrome of intoxication, traumatic or infectious genesis.
  • Memory and intellectual disorders. Concentration problems.
  • Speech disorders.
  • Delirium condition, including amentia, stupor, delirium and coma.
  • Febrile hyper-toxic schizophrenia with disturbed consciousness and obvious trophic disorders.
  • Coma conditions, caused by acute disturbances in cerebral circulation (ischemic cerebral thrombosis), cerebral trauma, air embolism and intoxication.
  • Heavy alcohol related delirium, particularly in the cases of obvious biological de-compensation in patients with contra-indications to neuroleptic therapy.
  • Symptoms of alcohol intoxication and symptoms of alcohol abstinence in patients with chronic alcoholism. HBO removes the feeling of being jaded, heaviness in the head, emotional instability, apathy and vegetal vessel dystonia. The appetite and duration of sleep improve, however, the pathological desire of alcohol does not change.
  • Korasakoff’s psychosis / Korsakoff's syndrome.

In general, the psychotropic action of HBO is most close to one gained from noothropic drugs, but often exceeds it, given the effect, which is quicker, stronger and has wider therapeutic action.

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