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New Approaches in the Treatment of Brain Lesions

N. Epitanova, A. Koukchina, I. Epifanov. Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine, Dept. Psychosomatic Disorders, Moscow European Neuropsychopharmacology, Volume 10, Issue null, Page 370

Summary: HBO had a positive influence on the brain functions dynamics of brain lesions. In this (HBO) group the following favourable changes went faster: amnestic disorders were eliminated, the cognitive processes were improved, manifestation of intellectual deficit, affective disturbance, and asthenic symptoms decreased. Neuropsychological investigations confirmed these data. Besides hypoxia elimination, HBO ensured the correction of metabolic processes and the normalization of antioxidant system function, allowed optimization of the immune processes. HBO optimized condition in the neuronaediator systems: the increase of-serotonin and decrease histamine levels. In HBO group the average duration of psycho-organic disorders decreased two times compared to that of the control group. HBO allowed to prevent persistent neuropsychologic disturbances and decreased the incidence of long-term neuropsychological sequelae. The Monitoring of cerebral hemodynamics, microcirculatton, plasma and cellular components of haemostasis system undertaken within the course of treatment demonstrated their optimization under the effect of a HBO session and the total HBO course. Neuropsychological study has showed that inclussion of HBO in complex treatment lead to statistically proved improvement of neurodinamical properties.

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