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Mario Suarez receieves treatment at the Bernebeu

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The measure has the approval of the Atletico medical teams, but it does seem strange that the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, stronghold of his club's arch-rivals, is the place to which Mario Suarez must make regular visits to be treated for the bone edema in the lateral femoral condyle of his right knee that has kept him out of action for the past 49 days.

The Atletico midfielder is attending OHB Medical, the hyperbaric oxygen therapy centre located in 'La Esquina del Bernabeu', the commercial area adjacent to the Real Madrid stadium. The reason for this being that OHB has the first medically certified monoplace hyperbaric chamber in Madrid.

Professional sportsmen commonly use hyperbaric medicine as part of their training programme or as a treatment to recover from injuries. In Mario's case, the acceleration of the bone's regeneration reduces the edema, as well as any pain or swelling in the area. In short, it reduces recovery time. On that front, his sights are still set on the game against Barcelona in January, but no risks will be taken: he will not be back on the field until he feels 100%.

Mario Suarez has now missed ten consecutive games across the la Liga, Champions League and Copa del Rey championships. His injury did not initially seem as serious as it has consequently proved to be.

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