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Late Treatment of Severe Brain Injury with Hyperbaric Oxygenation

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Richard A. Neubauer, M.D1, Virginia Neubauer2, Franz Gerstenbrand, M.D.3 1Medical Director of Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center. 2Research Director, Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center. 3Professor of Neurology, University of Vienna, Austria. Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Vol 10, No 2, Summer 2005.


Controlled studies have demonstrated safety and efficacy of hyperbaric oxygenation therapy (HBOT) in the treatment of anoxic, traumatic, ischemic, or thrombotic brain injury. Over the past 15 years, our clinic has treated 350 seriously brain-injured patients, from six months to 14 years after the event, many of whom suffered from various degrees of the apallic syndrome ranging from 1 to 8. Despite the hopeless prognosis that most patients were given by their physicians, varying degrees of clinical improvement occurred, along with substantial reductions in the cost of ongoing care. Clinical improvements were correlated with increased perfusion and metabolism, with reactivation of idling neurons demonstrated by sequential single photon emission omputerized tomographic (SPECT) scanning.

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