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Indications and Contra-indications of Hyperbaric Oxygenation in Psychotherapy

Dr. A.A. Churkin Chief Psychiatrist, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation


Hyperbaric oxygenation is indicated in a wide spectrum of mental illnesses, including the following:

  • A variety of mental disorders connected with vessel damages with hypoxia; which occurred due to brain trauma with hypoxia of brain tissues; due to chronic or acute intoxication (chronic alcoholism, alcohol-related psychosis and barbiturate intoxication).
  • Certain forms of schizophrenia.
  • Endogenic affective psychosis (long-term sub-depressions and depressions).
  • Neurasthenia and other functional and somatogenic dysfunctions with a decrease of bio-energetic potential and cerebral cortex tone in pathogenesis.
  • Asthenic disorder within neurasthenic syndrome of different genesis.
  • Depression.
  • Psycho-organic syndrome.
  • Psycho-organic syndrome. Using HBO had a positive effect on speech and movement disorders, which accompany this syndrome.
  • Korsakov’s syndrome of intoxicative, vascular or traumatic genesis with the symptoms of fixation amnesia, retro-amnesia, disorientation with amnesia, para-amnesia, euphoria and depression.
  • Alcohol abstinence syndrome (particularly in patients with chronic alcoholism and atherosclerotic damage of brain vessels and heart, and also in patients with contra-indications to psychotropic drugs).
  • Hyperbaric Oxygenation can be used to remove the symptoms of mental and physical overstrain after stressful work and in extreme situations in otherwise healthy people.

Contra-indications include:

  • Increased sensitivity to oxygen.
  • Epilepsy or epileptic fits of any genesis.
  • Cysts in lungs. Bronchial fistula.
  • Acute forms of laryngitis (otitis, frontal infections, antritis, Eustachian tube disorders)
  • Claustrophobia
  • Heavy forms of hypertension, cerebral thrombosis.
  • Dysfunction of Eustachian tube and nasal passages.
  • Acute inflectional diseases.

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